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The following releases must be printed in color. If you cannot print in color, please call AMA Organizer Services at (614) 856-1900

Join the AMA 2017 Adult Release and Waiver – 2017 Minor Release and Waiver  Update Current Rider Information


WELCOME TO THE 2017 AMA NATIONAL HARE AND HOUND CHAMPIONSHIP! You are in for the ride of your life!

Before you line up on the start there are a few things that you need to get started!!!


[ Cliff Notes: Things you will need.]
1. Motorcycle or ATV that meets requirements below. 45 mile gas range minimum. Spark Arrestor and Local State Registration.
2. AMA Membership at the links above and available at the event.
3. Transponder available at event for $5 - D37, MRAN, AMRA, National Enduro Compatible
4. Request Rider Number -
5. Entry -
6. PRO CLASS REQUEST - Overall/AA, Pro 250, Pro ATV - email request to
For MORE questions, suggestions or comments please call 760-464-9444 


FIRST – You will need a motorcycle. Hopefully at this point you already have one.

The Motorcycle must pass several requirements before it is able to be used as a race bike

It MUST have – USFS Approved Spark Arrestor and Green/Red or Out of State Registration (Or License Plate)

All motorcycles are also subject to 96db Sound Tests. However, not all motorcycles are tested the same at every event but be prepared!

ATV’s need to meet the same requirements.


– If you DO NOT have an assigned local racing number or Earned National Number you will be assigned a National Temporary Number for $10 at sign up.

– AVIK Graphics is the official graphics provider – all NHHA riders receive 25% Discount – Promo code: NHHA15 –


EXTRA’S – In AMA Rules the distance between gas stops can be no greater then 50 miles… so you will want a Large Capacity Gas tank.

– Large Capacity Gas Tank – 2.9-3.5 Gallons or more

– Extra Protection – Skid Plate, Shark Fin (Brake Rotor Guard), Reinforced Chain Guide, Pipe Guard

– Hand Guards – for all the bushes and flying rocks

– 18″ rear Rim – For taller side wall tires to prevent flats


PITS – You Must have a Pit Mat in your Pits to pour gas over. Cardboard, Carpet, Rubber… anything that absorbs liquid. 3ft x 5ft recommended.


Beyond that you can add all the bling and protection to your bike that you want!

The Motor must stay the Same BORE (CC) unless the head is otherwise stamped to be considered legal under AMA Rules.



SECOND – You will need to know what you’re getting into!

– Watch a few video’s in our Media Section to see what kind of terrain, riding and distance you are signing up for.

– Rocks, Valleys, Waterfalls, Whoops, Dust, Mud, Mountains, Canyons… everything the desert has to offer – RAIN OR SHINE


2013 National Hare & Hound Series Round 05 –


THIRD – You need to choose a class!

– If you have never raced with the AMA or the National Hare and Hound series before you will begin in the “C” class and earn your way to “A”.

– If you have raced with the AMA. the National Hare and Hound series or ANY other “Like Series” before you will enter in the class you have earned.

– There are 26 Classes for all ages, all skills and all size motorcycles.


1. The following are the classes in which National Hare & Hound points will be kept.
NOTE: The single letter shown below, within the parenthesis ( ), are the class indicators.

1. PRO/Overall (Pro & A riders riding the same course)
2. Pro 250 (250CC Motorcycles 2 Stroke & 4 Stroke)
3. 86cc-200cc (A)
4. 86cc-200cc (A) B
5. 86cc-200cc (A) C
6. 201cc-250cc (X) A
7. 201cc-250cc (X) B
8. 201cc-250cc (X) C
9. 251cc-open (none used) A
10. 251cc-open (none used) B
11. 251cc-open (none used) C
12. Veteran (30 yrs. & up) (V) A
13. Veteran (30 yrs. & up) (V) B
14. Veteran (30 yrs. & up) (V) C
15. Senior (40 yrs. & up) (S) A
16. Senior (40 yrs. & up) (S) B
17. Senior (40 yrs. & up) (S) C
18. Super Senior (50 yrs. & up) (M) A
19. Super Senior (50 yrs. & up) (M) B
20. Super Senior (50 yrs. & up) (M) C
21. Masters 60+ (R)
22. Women 86cc-Open (L) A
23. Women 86cc-Open (L) B
24. Women 86cc-Open (L) C
25. PRO ATV – Open (15yrs & up) (Q)
26. ATV 100-Open (15 yrs. & up) (Q) A
27. ATV 100-Open (15 yrs. & up) (Q) B
28. ATV 100-Open (15 yrs. & up) (Q) C
29. Sportsmen (First Time Racers – No Points/Trophy)



Big Wheel (12-15) 66-112cc 2-Stroke / 75-150cc 4-Stroke

85cc (12-15) 66-85cc 2-Stroke / 75-125cc 4-Stroke 

85cc Junior (7-11) 66-85cc 2-Stroke / 75-125cc 4-Stroke

65cc (7-11) 52-65cc 2-Stroke / 52-90cc 4-Stroke

50cc (4-8) 0-51cc 2-Stroke / 0-78cc 4-Stroke

Girls (12-15) 66-112cc 2-Stroke / 52-150cc 4-Stroke

Girls Junior (7-11) 52-85cc 2-Stroke / 52-125cc 4-Stroke 


FOURTH – You will need to become familiar with all the Rules.


2017 AMA Rule Book

– AMA National Hare and Hound Supplemental Rules

– AMA National YOUTH Hare and Hound Supplemental Rules



FINALLY – Check out the Schedule and GET OUT TO THE RACES!

– There are 10 Rounds for 2017, from California to Utah, New Mexico, Nevada and Idaho!