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Sutherlin Takes the Win, Kurtz Takes His First

Sutherlin Capitalizes and Wins!

Kurtz takes his first Youth Overall

Rnd 2 – Rabbit Creek 100 hosted by Dirt Inc.


Round 2 – April 3rd 2016 – Murphy, ID > Results – Big Bike / Youth Bike


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Photos: Mark Kariya
Murphy, ID: The 41st Annual Rabbit Creek 100 hosted by Dirt Inc. would mark Round 2 of the Kenda/SRT National Hare and Hound Championship and it was full of first times and upsets all weekend long! Staging just outside of town on a mixture of private, state and BLM land the club had put together a true 100 mile event complete with huge climbs, river crossing, washes, rocks and everything the Idaho topography had to offer. This would be the very first visit to the new staging area and it had lots of surprises to offer!


First up of course were our Youth racers. This weekend the big bikes – Big Wheel, Mini and Jr. Mini’s – would start it all off with 1999 National Hare and Hound Champion Brian Brown pulling duty as the hare once again. Just behind them the Girls, Jr. Girls and Micro Mini’s would take off on the 8 mile course where everyone would race for 90 minutes minimum.

Into the first turn after banging bars all the way down the brand new bomb run Fasst Co’s Cody Kurtz and Thousand Oaks Powersports backed Mason Matthies would tear onto the course. The two would set a pace that none of the others could keep putting a full minute on 3rd after the first lap. On the 3rd of 5 laps Matthies would have a massive clutch failure leaving him side lined to watch the win slip away from him. Kurtz would ride smooth all the way to the finish taking his first Youth victory in the 4 years he and his family have been chasing the series. 3 Bros KTM’s Hagen Boyce would inherit position after getting around Edge Powersports backed Jack Anderson to take 2nd overall with Anderson taking both the 3rd position and 1st in the Mini class. All 3 riders in the top 3 earning their best finishes, both overall and class, of their young careers!

Cody Kurtz taking the holeshot and catching the “Hare” (Brian Brown) Earning $50 from Birds of Prey!

Just behind the lead pack there was a great battle going in the Jr. Mini class between Chidester Transport Racing’s Connor Eddy and Homedale, ID’s Rylan Binford. Eddy would battle back from a not-so-great start to take over the position by the 3rd lap. By lap 5 he had stretched out his lead to nearly 2 minutes and was the only class rider to stay on the lead lap finishing 7th overall. Binford would come through in 2nd followed by Decker Kauer of Ammon, ID.

Edge Powersport’s Bailey Anderson would extend her points lead over Taylor Olivas with a win over local Idahoan Ashlee Gage but with only 2 rounds down there is still lots of racing to go! Sugarloafers MC’s Ty Woolslayer would take the Jr. Girls 7-11 class win hands down finishing close to 30 minutes ahead of Aliya Hibbs who would successfully finish her first Youth National!

The tiniest group of racers on the course were the Micro Mini’s and they would push hard for 4 full laps following the very same arrows. 3 Bros KTM’s Karson Boyce would follow his big brothers example pushing his way up to the front. He would take the first corner 2nd on their row just behind Baylee and never look back. Malcolm Smith Motorsports backed Jett Lessing would make it past Dirt Inc’s Hunter Hoshaw on the 2nd lap and would do his best to hold on to the spot all the way to the checkered flag! Hoshaw would also hold onto 3rd in the Micro Mini class.

The next group of racers are where it all begins! The Pee Wee 4-8 class aboard 50cc machines. Once again the Hare would be out front and the little riders would earn $25 from Birds of Prey for catching him. Chidester Transport Racing’s Kayden Lynn would pin it at the drop of the banner getting his LEM started before the rest of the field and would catch the “Hare” along with lapping the entire field by the end of their 45 minute race on the 2 mile course. This puts him 3rd in points after a disappointing DNF at round 1. Cole Sasso would come through in 2nd taking over the points lead follwed by Piper Wells of Meridian, ID,

Chidester Transport Racing’s Kayden Lynn made up for his older brother’s absence by taking the Pee Wee win!

Sunday morning the Banner was up and down at 11am sharp with Nancy Caselli and Micki Schlapia doing the honors. It was Factory Husqvarna’s Jacob Argubright into the first corner and flying over the first road crossings leading the 200+ racers who were all gunning for his position. Second onto the trail would be Chidester Transport Racing’s FMF Pro 250 racer Joe Wasson who was gunning for a top 5 after finishing 9th overall at Round 1. Argubright would look to have the race all but sewn up getting through the alternate gas at 35 miles and main pit at 70 miles with close to 90 seconds on the rest of the field.

Rockstar/Husky’s Jacob Argubright would lead 95 of the 100 miles with no issues.. until the creek crossings.

In only his second race after suffering a ruptured spleen during the winter break Bonanaza Plumbing / KTM / FMF backed Gary Sutherlin would fall into 3rd behind Wasson after the start but would make his way into 2nd by the main pit. JCR Honda’s Ricky Brabec would be plagued by another terrible start in Idaho but was able to meticulously work his way through the field to take over the 3rd position. Going out on the final 35 mile loop it looked as though things would work their way out just the way they were with all 3 riders settling into a pace but it is quite the opposite!At the final of many creek crossings in the last 5 miles of the event Argubright would hit a deep spot and his bike would bog and slow to a hault as he got to the other side. “It just sputtered and quit and I knew it wasn’t good.”  As he sat at the crossing all he could do was watch as Sutherlin cruised by, actually warning of how deep it was. “I was bummed for Jake but I need every point I can get as this is really the only series I still have a chance for the title!” admitted Sutherlin at the finish line. Argubright would be able to fix his bike just in time to finish 20th overall earning 1 point.

Sutherlin was in the right place at the right time to inherit the lead from Argubright and now sits 3rd in points. 

Brabec would fall into 2nd overall but would solidify himself in the series championship. With 25 points on the Rick’s Custom Shutters Yamaha YZ450f of Ryan Smith who is now in 2nd going 5/6 so far this season Brabec looks to be the man to chase in 2016. Fasst Co / Fly Racing Racing’s Skyler Howes would make it to the podium for the first time since 2014 and would give Yamaha it’s first National Podium for the first time since Russ Pearson in 2007!

The FMF Pro 250 class already has itself a serious points chase with Wasson taking 4th overall and the class win. He is now tied with 3 Bros KTM’s Nick Stover who took 1st at Round 1 and 2nd this weekend. “Oh man, this is gonna be a great year. Now I just need to try and get on the overall podium!” exclaimed Wasson at the finish. Coming across the finish line in 5th KTM/FMF’s Ivan Ramirez would tie himself in series points with team mate Sutherlin. Smith would cross the finish line 6th followed by Purvines Racing’s Axel Pearson, Stover, Chidester Transport Racing’s Max Eddy Jr and JJR Racing’s Jimmy Jarrett rounding out the top 10. 3 Bros KTM’s Jeff Trulove would come in just 14 seconds behind Jarrett taking 3rd in the FMF Pro 250 class.

With a 5/6 finish in the first 2 rounds Rick’s Custom Shutters backed Ryan Smith sits 2nd in points!

As always Dirt Inc. and Off-Road Support put together a huge overall women’s purse for the weekend and the battle was on from the start! Sageriders MC’s Rebecca Stout would get off to the early lead and put the hammer down in the first 70 miles. She would go out onto the final loop with nearly 3 minutes on Mona, UT’s Stephanie Woolslayer but would both be victims of the water crossings. While Woolslayer would not fair as well dropping close to 30 minutes Stout was able to hold onto 2nd. Moose Racing’s Nicole Bradford would use her ISDE expertise to navigate the deep water and would cross the finish line taking $1800 home! Kate Shade, of Kate’s Bars, would come across in 3rd! Make sure to keep an eye out for more pay outs for the women’s classes as they will earn one for the entire 2016 National Hare and Hound Series!

Complete Results – Youth Results

OVERALL 2 LOOPS: 1. Gary Sutherlin (KTM); 2. Ricky Brabec (HON); 3. Skyler Howes (YAM); 4. Joseph Wasson (YAM); 5. Ivan Ramirez (KTM); 6. Ryan Smith (YAM); 7. Axel Pearson (BET); 8. Nick Stover (KTM); 9. Max Eddy Jr. (VOR); 10. Jimmy Jarrett (KTM); 11. Jeff Trulove (KTM); 12. Nick Tolman (KTM); 13. Taran Taylor (KAW); 14. Dan Capparelli (KTM); 15. Damon Bush (BET); 16. Kelly Fisher (KTM); 17. Tate Hurley (YAM); 18. Evan Ask (BET); 19. Dustin Mccarthy (KTM); 20. Jacob Argubright (HSQ)

OVERALL 1 LOOP: 1. Kaden Maddox (KTM); 2. Rick Davey (HON); 3. Matthew Banuelos (KTM); 4. Jim Pardy (KTM); 5. Steven Hannan (HON); 6. Steven Bean (); 7. Jeremy Mccall (YAM); 8. Levi Bailey (KTM); 9. Jai Haskell (HON); 10. Randy Kingsmore (HON); 11. Bill Dougherty (KTM); 12. Dan Gunn (KTM); 13. Larry Engwall (KTM); 14. Corey Baez (KAW); 15. Forrest Hannan (KTM); 16. Blake Vanderwerff (KTM); 17. Chris Chenore (HSQ); 18. Mitch Ser Voss (); 19. Justin Checketts (KAW); 20. Levi Meyer (YAM)

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