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Rnd 4 Day 2 Recap – FMF/KTM’s Gary Sutherlin is back

Photos by Grumpy – RND 4 – Youth Recap

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Rnd4_324_grumpyRound 4 of the Kenda/Srt National Hare and Hound Championship not only saw the return of the Vikings MC to the season after their break in 2014 but it also saw the return FMF/KTM’s Gary Sutherlin who won Round 1 of the Series. Sutherlin would DNF Round 2 in Barstow after landing wrong into a wash and fracturing his arm and have to sit out of Round 3 as well to heal but it looks like he was back to his old self once again weekend.

The banner would drop on the 100 mile Virgin Voyage staged in Johnson Valley OHV just outside of Lucerne Valley, Ca and the weather would definitely cooperate much better then it did Saturday with a nice breeze and cool temperatures all day. At the end of the bomb Blais Racing’s Skyler Howes would put his KTM 300 XC out front and lead for the first 20 miles. “It was great being out front and getting to dice it up with these guys!” said Howes. FMF/KTM’s Gary Sutherlin would work his way past Howes and pull his team mate Ivan Ramirez along with him. THR Motorsports backed Ricky Brabec would get an uncharacteristically good start as well and only a few miles later he’d work his way past Howes, Sutherlin AND Ramirez to take the lead before check 1. “I actually got a good start for once!” laughed Brabec “I think it was from teaching that riding clinic to the kids yesterday”

Brabec would lead the field onto the second loop with Sutherlin, Ramirez, Purvines Racing’s Nick Burson and FMF Pro 250 racer Dalton Shirey aboard his Zip-Ty Racing Husqvarna TE 250. “I was leading and following ribbon and all of a sudden there was nothing.” Brabec remembered “I know it was super windy all night and just tried to find something but I just couldn’t get it. The other guys got through clean and I was left playing catch up and was riding mad which didn’t make it any better.” Sutherlin would back the lead at that point and never look back. “Since this is my first race back I was only riding at about 90%.” Sutherlin said as the other racers grumbled “So I knew I just had to be clean with Ramirez close.” After the 3rd 35 mile loop Sutherlin would crest the final hill victorious followed by Ramirez giving FMF/KTM a 1/2 finish at Round 4. Brabec would cross the finish line visibly frustrated with his finish in 3rd. Burson followed in 4th after a good, uneventful ride followed by Shirey in 5th overall taking his 4th FMF Pro 250 win in as many rounds but scoring his best overall finish to date!

Rnd4_n190_grumpyThe FMF Pro 250 class also saw a great battle between SRT Offroad’s Steven Kirk and 3 Bros KTM’s Jeff Trulove. The two would go back and forth for the ENTIRE event. When Kirk left the pits Trulove was just coming into the pits both loops. At the finish Kirk would take another 2nd to Shirey solidifying his 2nd place int he points chase and Trulove would finish 3rd making his best finish in the class all season!

Participating in her first National Hare and Hound this weekend was D36’s Sharon Mowell. While she normally races West Hare Scramble and is following the Endurocross championship she had an off weekend and wanted to give it a go! She wouldn’t get the lead but once she got passed series points leader Meg Blackburn she would just ride her own race and pull away. Just 10 short miles before the finish she’d take a big spill, mentioning it was one of the biggest crashes she’s had in a while, but dusted herself off and hobbled into the finish to claim the TBT Racing Women’s Overall Purse for the weekend! Blackburn would follow in 2nd extending her points lead and in 3rd would be Grizzly Motorsports backed Lacey Todd who would also take the Women’s B victory.

The Pro ATV Class has been growing increasingly, with the entire field of 16 starting at once it was Aaron Cheeney getting the jump on the field and leading for a bit before Fasst Co’s Colt Brinkerhoff would take the lead and do what he could to pull away from Maxxis/Fasst Co backed Beau Baron. The 2 time ATV champion Brinkerhoff knew that the tighter, rockier courses suited Baron so he would have to do his best to hold off his advances but to no avail. Baron would make his pass a few miles later and take the lead never looking back. Baron would cross the finish with over 2 minutes on Brinkerhoff, making it 3 wins in 3 races for the ATV’s and extending his points lead to 22! 3rd overall Mark Fredrickson in his first National Hare and Hound attempt.




OVERALL: 1. Gary Sutherlin (KTM); 2. Ivan Ramirez (KTM); 3. Ricky Brabec (KAW); 4. Nicholas Burson (BET); 5. Dalton Shirey (HSQ); 6. Skyler Howes (KTM); 7. Axel Pearson (BET); 8. Justin Morgan (YAM); 9. David Kamo (KTM); 10. Ryan Smith (YAM); 11. Colton Udall (HON); 12. Joey Black (KAW); 13. Steve Kirk Iii (YAM); 14. Jeff Trulove (KTM); 15. Brody Honea (KAW); 16. Max Eddy Jr. (KAW); 17. Taylor Stevens (HSQ); 18. Mark Samuels (HON); 19. Jared Schlapia (KTM); 20. Brendan Crow (KTM);

OVERALL 2 LOOPS: 1. Gary Sutherlin (KTM); 2. Ivan Ramirez (KTM); 3. Ricky Brabec (KAW); 4. Nicholas Burson (BET); 5. Dalton Shirey (HSQ); 6. Skyler Howes (KTM); 7. Axel Pearson (BET); 8. Justin Morgan (YAM); 9. David Kamo (KTM); 10. Ryan Smith (YAM); 11. Colton Udall (HON); 12. Joey Black (KAW); 13. Steve Kirk Iii (YAM); 14. Jeff Trulove (KTM); 15. Brody Honea (KAW); 16. Max Eddy Jr. (KAW); 17. Taylor Stevens (HSQ); 18. Mark Samuels (HON); 19. Jared Schlapia (KTM); 20. Brendan Crow (KTM);

OVERALL 1 LOOP: 1. Scott Woehler (YAM); 2. Larry Engwall (KTM); 3. Robert Koch (); 4. Cordis Brooks (KTM); 5. Gregg Hawks (KTM); 6. Steve Argubright (KAW); 7. Mike Castro (HSQ); 8. Wes Anderson Jr (YAM); 9. Rick Samuelson (KTM); 10. George Yates (HON); 11. Dale Parriott (KTM); 12. Kerry Chartier (YAM); 13. George Madaris (YAM); 14. Ronald Kenyon (KTM); 15. Brian Thompson (KTM); 16. Cristina Silva (KTM); 17. Peter Medina (KTM); 18. Mark Fredrickson (YAM); 19. Wesley Irle (KTM); 20. Rachel Bosemer (HON);

OVERALL A: 1. Joey Black (KAW); 2. Brody Honea (KAW); 3. Brendan Crow (KTM); 4. Kadin Guard (KTM); 5. Shane Bowen (KTM); 6. Trevor Hoffman (KTM); 7. Cody Patten (HON); 8. Derek Steahly (KTM); 9. Maverick Shuey (YAM); 10. Corey Fletcher (KTM); 11. Steve Roberts (KAW); 12. Sam Bangert (KTM); 13. Mark Weirich (YAM); 14. Kyle Smith (KTM); 15. Jake Johanson (HON); 16. Jordan Gamboa (KTM); 17. Chance Fullerton (HSQ); 18. Leon Hanson (YAM); 19. Ken Strebel (HON); 20. Bryan Denny (KTM);

OVERALL B: 1. Robert Foster (KTM); 2. Matthew Nikac (HON); 3. Tyler Little (HON); 4. Scott Aldridge (KTM); 5. Steve Grieb (BET); 6. Alec Fiscalini (KTM); 7. Walter Marienschek (KTM); 8. Jeff Leishman (HON); 9. Zachary Cramer (KAW); 10. Gavin Preston (HON); 11. Brock Mitchell (BET); 12. John Miller (YAM); 13. Brian Adsit (KTM); 14. Scott Houser (YAM); 15. Frank Zugovitz (BET); 16. Jason Watson (YAM); 17. Blake Clark (KAW); 18. Ryan Voznick (SUZ); 19. Jonathan Hartman (KTM); 20. Yoram Lavee (KTM);

OVERALL C: 1. Mike Wickstrand (KTM); 2. Brian Waldbaum (KTM); 3. Bradley Frame (KAW); 4. Cody Kurtz (KTM); 5. Justin Lantz (HON); 6. Rex Williams (KTM); 7. Jacob Maier (YAM); 8. Scott Woehler (YAM); 9. Ty Sarno (KTM); 10. Dylan Shuey (YAM); 11. Cory Roth (HON); 12. V124x Van Wingerden (KTM); 13. Eric Schrader (HON); 14. Rick Mello (KTM); 15. Kevin Martin (KTM); 16. Darrell Post (YAM); 17. Joseph Stewart (KTM); 18. Elias Shoemaker (KTM); 19. Christian Aguiar (HON); 20. Scott Brillhart (KAW);

OVERALL ATV: 1. Beau Baron (HON); 2. Colt Brinkerhoff (HON); 3. Mark Fredrickson (YAM); 4. Shaun Riley (SUZ); 5. Nick Nelson (HON); 6. Rachel Bosemer (HON); 7. Howard Tande (KTM); 8. Eric Pealstrom (HON); 9. Aaron Cheeney (HON); 10. Jay Young (YAM); 11. Mark May (HON); 12. Mike Harris (SUZ); 13. Rick Bosemer (YAM); 14. Sarah Padilla (YAM);