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Rnd 4 Day 1 Recap – Hintz gets his first win!

Photos by Grumpy

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Round 4 of the Kenda/SRT National Youth Hare and Hound Championship was greeted with high winds and intense competition as the riders would line up for another technical Southern California round of racing. With 3 separate loops laid out by Series Director Erek Kudla, who always gives the young ones a challenge, the event itself was manned and swept by Pro’s, sportsmen and family members alike. Quinn Cody, Paul Krause, Brendan Crow, Nic Garvin, Larry Klein and many  others would lend a hand to make this another successful weekend.

The day would start with eighteen peewee’s, 4-8 years old, at the drop of the banner held by THR Motorsports team mates Ricky Brabec and Max Eddy. MSR Racing’s Andrew Schulz would get the lead and completely pull away from the entire field pulling a minute each lap over Blais Racing’s Cole Timboe. The two have gone back and forth again this season but with this win Schulz extends his points lead to 10 with 115 to Timboe’s 105. 3 Bros KTM’s racer Honnald would take 3rd place for the 3rd time this season staying consistent and holding onto 3rd in the championship.


The 2nd race of the day would pit the Girls and Micro Mini 65cc machines side by side on a much longer 6 mile course for an hour. Fasst Co’s Caitlyn Kurtz would get the jump on the field, as she has all season, and without her biggest battling buddy; Price,UT’s Rachel Stout, she was out front all by herself. “I really had fun out there! I love the fast, the technical. I just love riding.” she exclaimed with the huge smile she always has up on the podium. Checkers MC’s Taylor Olivas would put in an awesome ride as well finishing 2nd Girl and 2nd overall even with a big spill on lap 3 of 4 while Mikayala Neilson finished 3rd aboard her new CR 85. Oneal backed Conner Eddy would finish only seconds behind Neilson taking another victory in the Micro Mini class gaining some much needed ground on points leader Talan Van Valkenberg who finished 2nd in class. D37 Youth Desert racer James Meachem would round out the day’s top 3.




The day would end with the longest, most technical course with the fast young desert racers ready to attack. Blais Racing’s Braydon bland would get another great start but just past the bomb the engine would begin to go. “I’m not sure what happened, it just slowed down and stopped.” said Bland in the pits after handing the lead over to Troy Lee Designs/Pro Circuit backed Hayden Hintz aboard his KX 100. Hintz has been working on climbing to the top step of the podium finishing 2nd at Round 2 and this was just the opportunity he needed. Oneal racer Nick Colangeli would also benefit from Bland’s departure taking over 2nd overall just ahead of Pyson, UT’s Burke Barnes. While Hintz would pull away the first lap Colangeli and Barnes would battle hard going back and forth lap 2 and 3. Barnes would get into the lead but have to stop in the pits letting Colangeli back by. At that point Barnes had nothing left for Colangeli and would have to settle for 3rd. Colangeli would score his best ever 2nd overall Super mini while Hintz would take that first win that has been alluding him for so long! This would make for the first All Green (Kawasaki) podium of the season!

T.O. Powersports  Yamaha’s Mason Matthies would take another dominating win in the Mini 85cc class finishing 9th overall,  11 minutes ahead of So Cal MC’s Mason Klein. TBT Racing’s Clayton Roberts would round out the top 3 in class even with the little tumble he took just before the start of the final lap. Jr Mini Racer Jacob LaCroix would pilot his John Burr Racing’s Honda 85 to his first win of the season followed by the very dominant 3 Bros KTM of Hagen Boyce while 3rd would go to So Cal MC’s Carter Klein . This is the first time all season LaCroix has been able to beat Boyce and he will be working very hard to keep up the battle throughout the season.
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OVERALL PEE WEE: 1. Andrew Schulz (KTM); 2. Cole Timboe (KTM); 3. Racer Honnold (KTM); 4. Jacob Adams (KTM); 5. Brennen Watson (KTM); 6. Caiden Fenstermaker (KTM); 7. Cole Eichert (KTM); 8. Shane Larkin (KTM); 9. Carson Fiske (COB); 10. Ries Seeba (COB); 11. Ethan Calderon (HON); 12. Jarrett Haddock (YAM); 13. Tristun Alvarez (KTM); 14. Gregory Fenstermaker Jr (KTM); 15. Waylon Honnold (KTM); 16. Elias Rael (HON);

OVERALL MICRO MINI/GIRLS: 1. Caitlyn Kurtz (KTM); 2. Taylor Olivas (YAM); 3. Mikayla Nielsen (KTM); 4. Connor Eddy (KAW); 5. Talan Van Valkenburg (KTM); 6. Laci Olivas (KAW); 7. James Meachem (KTM); 8. Lane Forbes (KAW); 9. Karson Boyce (KTM); 10. Brooke Olivas (KAW); 11. Hunter Ray (KTM); 12. Amber Nielsen (HON); 13. Ainsley Thompson (KAW); 14. Shaelie Sutman (HON); 15. Rumcajs Goraj (KAW);

OVERALL SUPER MINI/MINI/JR MINI: 1. Hayden Hintz (HON); 2. Nick Colangeli (KAW); 3. Burke Barnes (KAW); 4. Austin Phillips (KTM); 5. Tanner Adams (HON); 6. Mason Stiffler (KAW); 7. Jp Alvarez (KAW); 8. Cody Kurtz (KTM); 9. Mason Matthies (YAM); 10. Jacob Lacroix (HON); 11. Hagen Boyce (KTM); 12. Stryker Lane (HON); 13. Mason Klein (KTM); 14. Carter Klein (KTM); 15. Ben Wickstrand (KTM); 16. Rusty Rinehart (HON); 17. Eric Burdell (HSQ); 18. Austin Porter (HON); 19. Clayton Roberts (YAM); 20. Andrew Jennings (YAM);