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Burson Takes First H&H Win of 2015

Rnd 7 Recap

Burson’s First H&H Win of 2015

Bland and Fry dominate the Youth




Photos by Grumpy / Mark Kariya

Panaca, NV: The Silver State Trail Blazers round of the Kenda/SRT National Hare and Hound Championship is always a “racer favorite” of the season and this year the Puvines Racing Muley Run had over 100 miles of premium Nevada desert lined up for the weekend. The weather however, had different plans for the weekend with no precipitation in site accompanied by near 100 degree weather for the event leading up to the event.

The event really started friday with the traditional Spaghetti Diner benefiting the Lincoln County Girls Soft Ball team accompanied by the Pro Autograph signing as as always it was a big hit! 

John Kearney – Multi Time 50+ A Champion – Getting at it! Photo: Kariya

Saturday morning came very early with the single day of racing as the first race was lined up for a 7am start! The fastest Youth racers in the desert awaited the banner drop – Super Mini, Mini, Jr. Mini all on row 1, Micro Mini and Girls all on Row 2 – and after the minute silence the racers were off. Local racer Brett Aguilera got the jump on the rest of the field and was the first rider of the 90+ Youth entrants on course for Round 7. He wouldn’t be able to hold off the advances of the faster Super Mini pilots and would take 10th on the day, his best finish to date.

Blais Racing’s Braydon Bland would take control of race 1 and would never look back pulling a four and a half minute gap by the finish. The win this weekend brings him that much closer to earning his first National Championship. It will all come down to the final round with Barnes Construction and Electric backed Burke Barnes finishing a solid 2nd and is still within 7 points of the title himself! Thousand Oaks Powersports Collin Elliot would round out the podium after a race long battle with Barnes, Hayden Hintz and Nick Colangeli.

Braydon Bland has been on fire all season and is very close to wrapping his first title – Photo: Grumpy

The Mini 85cc class had a big shake up halfway through the race with T.O Powersports backed Mason Matthies leading half the event running as high as 15th overall until his bike just let go. This handed the battle over to local racers Max Thurlow and Heston Wood. The two would go back and forth all the way to the finish with Wood taking the win by a mere 8 seconds over Thurlow. So Cal MC’s Mason Klein would round out the top 3. Even with the DNF Matthies has wrapped up the championship going back to back in the Jr. Mini and Mini classes now!

The Jr. Mini 85cc class, being a few years younger, would be battling right along side the Mini racers. 3 Bros KTM’s Hagen Boyce  would get the early lead and focus on working his way through the entire field. He would take the victory along with 9th overall and wraps up his first Youth championship earning the N1z for the 2015 season! The next two places in the race are also battling for the 2nd spot in the championship. Edge KTM’s Jack Anderson and 3 Bros Husky’s Eric Burdell are now within 4 points of each other going into the final round. Anderson would take 2nd with Burdell taking 3rd in the dusty conditions.

3 Bros KTM’s Hagen Boyce powered through the dust to take the Jr. Mini win! – Photo: Kariya

The 2nd row of racing always offers up some great battles as well with the Girls leading the way into the first corner. Reigning Girls Champion Caitlyn Kurtz led the Sage Riders MC duo of Rachel Stout and Bailee Anderson into the first corner, barely by a wheel! Stout would make her move as soon as she could getting into the lead and completely checking out. She would take the momentum all the way to the finish line taking her 4th win of the season and giving her a 5 point lead on the way to the number 1 plate! Kurtz would finish 2nd keeping her in the hunt for a three-peat. She will HAVE to win the final round to tie Stout, where she will win the tie breaker, to ensure she will get to take home another championship. Anderson would take her fifth 3rd place finish of the season making her one of the most consistent racers in the entire series!

The final class of the race to cross the finish line would be the Micro Mini 65 class. These riders are on the smallest bikes in the “mini” divisions and shred just as hard as anyone! Local Racer Hunter Ray and Coursegold, CA’s Talon Van Valkengurg have gone back and forth all season but this weekend it was Ray that made it to the checkered flag first. Van Valkenburg would wrap up the Micro Mini Title with his second place finish. 3rd would go to Aaron Rhodes in his third National Youth Hare and Hound ever.

The second Youth Race of the morning would be our youngest racers in the series at 4-8 years old in the Pee Wee 50cc Class. Boulder NV’s Racer Fry would get out to the early lead but would not be alone. Escalante, UT’s Rayce Jenkins would make his pass on the 2nd lap but it wouldn’t last and Fry would get right back by him taking it all the way to the finish line. Fry would go on to lap the entire field with Jenkins taking 2nd followed by Matthew Vendetti taking 3rd.

Racer Fry would go almost wire to wire to take the win – Photo: Kariya

Reigning Champion Andrew Schulz aboard his MSR/NOST Suspension KTM 50 would crash right at the end of the bomb getting up in last place and having to battle through the field. He would make it all the way up to the battle for 2nd before his bike blew up on the 10th of 13 laps. he would then push his bike nearly a mile to the finish to claim 4th overall and would wrap up the title for the second year in a row!

The Silver State Trail Blazers and the NHHA always do their best to run a tight ship as far as the race times and at exactly 11:00am the banner went up on the final race of the weekend. 247 racers were set to take off after the Hare – 2007 Series Champion Dave Pearson – and the banner would drop with Blais Racing’s Skyler Howes who looking to have the start! Just before the crest of the hill at the end of the bomb Purvines Racing Beta’s Nick Burson would jump past Howes and the battle would commence!

The start of any race is important but with the amount of dust at Rnd 7 it was everything! Photo:Grumpy

On the other side off the hill the riders dropped into the first of many washes with Burson and Howes leading the way with Factory Husqvarna’s Jake Argubright right on their tails. One pair of riders that was missing from the front initially were the KTM/FMF team mates Ivan Ramirez and Gary Sutherlin. Ramirez was the current points leader while Sutherlin had won the last round and they were outside the top 5 where they needed to be. While Suherlin would make some crazy moves through the dust to get to the lead battle Ramirez would play it safe slowly working his way through the field into the top 5.

At the end of the first loop Burson seemed to have firm control of the event but a wrong turn in the horse stocks would leave him stuck for 15-20 seconds while Argubright would come up right behind him. He would make the same mistake and Burson would take back the lead and the top 2 would be set until the finish.

Purvines Racing’s Nick Burson lead the way from the very first wash! – Photo: Grumpy

Howes would stay within the top 3 heading out onto the 2nd of 3 loops but Sutherlin would make his way around him in the slower, more technical trees. After that final pass the top 5 would be set in stone all the way to the checkered flag. With Ramirez’s 5th place finish – only seconds ahead of Purvines Racing’s Axel Pearson – he is closer then ever to wrapping up his first National Championship, and the first title for a Mexican National! He will only need to finish 17th overall at the Finale in October to solidify the deal which he say’s will “be in honor of my friend and mentor, Kurt Caselli.”

The first ever FMF Pro 250 title was wrapped up here at Round 7 with Zip-Ty Husqvarna’s Dalton Shirey taking his 6th win in 7 races. He also sits in 5th in the overall Championship with a string of amazing finishes all season. Chidester Transport’s Cooper Ashton would take his best finish to date coming across the finish in 2nd nearly 2 minutes ahead of Eleven 7 Motorsports backed Damon Bush.

The 2nd row would be all of our Amateur racers and the battling was just as intense with the yellow plates. At the end of the bomb and into the first wash it would be PDI Racing’s John Miller out front until he would wind up on his head in the dust. Malcolm Smith Motorsports backed Robert Foster would take over and lead the way on every loop all the way to the finish line. Not only would he collect $100 for being the first B rider into the pits he would also take home the Overall B trophy and the Open B victory!

Robert Foster wrapped up the Open B Championship this weekend! Photo: Grumpy

The C Class overall would be no different! It would be a 3 way battle between Price, UT’s Austin Phillips, Bluffale, UT’s Brandon Bevan and Lakewood, CA’s Hayden Hintz. Bevan would lead the trio by 3 seconds over Phillips on the 1st lap collecting $100 for first one to the pits bu out on the 2nd loop Phillips would take over the lead. Bevan would stay in 2nd earning himself 1st in the Vet C class while Hintz would hold to 3rd and 2nd in the 200 C class behind Philips.

The big story of the day was the TBT Women’s overall with Krista Conway taking her first ever Women’s A victory! She has been following the series for the last 3 years and this victory has been a long time coming. While Paradise, CA would lead the first 2 of 3 loops she would lose the trail on the last loop with several other racers. Being only her 3rd Hare and Hound as she normally follows the West Hare Scramble Championship Mowell was more the satisfied with 2nd. Round out the top 3 overall would be Dainty Daredevils Husqvarna racer Megan Blackburn, limping it in through the finish line after a big crash injured her shoulder.

Krista Conway scored the best finish of her career with 1st TBT Woman overall! – Photo:Grumpy


OVERALL: 1. Nicholas Burson (BET); 2. Jacob Argubright (HSQ); 3. Gary Sutherlin (KTM); 4. Skyler Howes (KTM); 5. Ivan Ramirez (KTM); 6. Axel Pearson (BET); 7. Dalton Shirey (HSQ); 8. Kevin Murphy (KTM); 9. Ryan Smith (YAM); 10. Ty Bartholomew (KAW); 11. Cooper Ashton (YAM); 12. Curtis Bradley (BET); 13. Nick Tolman (KTM); 14. Kyle Tichenor (HSQ); 15. Cory Graffunder (KTM); 16. Damon Bush (BET); 17. Joey Black (KAW); 18. Kadin Guard (KTM); 19. Brody Honea (KAW); 20. Clayton Gerstner (KTM);

OVERALL 1 LOOP: 1. Robert Koch (YAM); 2. Cordis Brooks (KTM); 3. Larry Engwall (KTM); 4. Max Christensen (YAM); 5. Dale Parriott (KTM); 6. Gregg Hawks (YAM); 7. George Yates (HON); 8. David Martin (KTM); 9. Steve Makar (); 10. Wes Anderson Jr (YAM); 11. Wesley Irle (KTM); 12. Kerry Chartier (YAM); 13. Ronald Hetherington (HON); 14. Jean Hetherington (HON);

OVERALL A: 1. Kevin Murphy (KTM); 2. Ty Bartholomew (KAW); 3. Curtis Bradley (BET); 4. Nick Tolman (KTM); 5. Kyle Tichenor (HSQ); 6. Joey Black (KAW); 7. Kadin Guard (KTM); 8. Brody Honea (KAW); 9. Jarett Megla (KTM); 10. Trevor Hoffman (KTM); 11. Reed Dodenbier (SUZ); 12. Derek Steahly (KTM); 13. Tanner Killmer (KTM); 14. Corey Fletcher (KTM); 15. Ross Walton (KAW); 16. Mark Weirich (YAM); 17. Ken Strebel (HON); 18. Billy Hill (HON); 19. Shane Bowen (KTM); 20. Jeffrey Davis (SUZ);

OVERALL B: 1. Robert Foster (KTM); 2. Kyle Moos (YAM); 3. Scott Aldridge (KTM); 4. Jordon Fuller (KTM); 5. Walter Marienschek (KTM); 6. John Miller (YAM); 7. Brian Adsit (KTM); 8. Gavin Preston (HON); 9. Jes Hulbert (HON); 10. Tanner Thompson (YAM); 11. Zachary Cramer (KAW); 12. Dave Turner (BET); 13. Chance Kolan (YAM); 14. Carl Westphal (KTM); 15. Jon Johnson (HON); 16. Shane Bauduin (KTM); 17. Thomas Duncan (BET); 18. Dan Fitzgerald (BET); 19. Brian Moffett (KTM); 20. Rebecca Stout (KTM);

OVERALL C: 1. Austin Phillips (KTM); 2. Brandon Bevan (); 3. Hayden Hintz (YAM); 4. Bradley Frame (KAW); 5. Dylan Shuey (YAM); 6. Jacob Irle (KTM); 7. Cody Kurtz (KTM); 8. Koleton Jones (KTM); 9. Cory Skaggs (HON); 10. Talon Gottfredson (KTM); 11. Dean Hawley (HSQ); 12. Chase Twitchell (KTM); 13. Charles Curtis (YAM); 14. Mike Wickstrand (KTM); 15. Travis Rowley (); 16. Dan Gunn (KTM); 17. Jason Lessley (HON); 18. Christopher Luton (YAM); 19. Steve Makar (); 20. Wesley Irle (KTM);

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