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Argubright Takes the Win at Rnd 3 in Utah!

Can Anyone Stop Nicole Bradford?

Lynn Back From Injury Dominates Mini

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Round 3 – May 14/15 2016 – Jericho, UT > Results – Big Bike / Youth Bike

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Photos by Mark Kariya

Jericho, UT: For the first time in the history of the Sage Riders event,the club decided to host a 2-day; event giving the Youth and ATV’s their own complete day of racing! With two days of excitement planned, everyone had a full weekend ahead of them. “The idea of doing it as a two day was to ease up the stress on the club.” explained race referee Paul Anderson. “It made things a lot easier not having to rush from this to that all day and we didn’t have to race against the sun at the end of it all.” Across the board the riders were happier with the split – from the Pee Wee racers getting to sleep in an extra hour on Saturday to the Pro’s getting to start when it was still cool out Sunday morning.


The very first riders to take to the race-course would be our youngest – the Pee Wee 4-8 year olds. This would be one of the longest courses of the season at 3.2 miles and the kids would still blaze through the 30-minute race. At the end of the first lap Las Vegas, NV’s Cole Sasso had the lead by 20-seconds over the Premier Glass backed KTM of Racer Fry with round two winner Chidester Transport’s Kayden Lynn another 15 seconds back. Out on the 2nd lap, both Fry and Lynn would get around Sasso and battle it out for the final 11-minute lap. At the checkered flag it would be Lynn with the win after Fry dropped the bike right in front of him. Fry would follow in second with Sasso another 30 seconds back.

The Pee Wee Start – Banner Drop, Dead Engine. Just like the big boys.

Sage Riders MC is the only club in the entire National series, as well as their local USRA series, to host a true 2-loop Youth Hare and Hound and this year was no exception. Two 18-mile loops through the trees, mountains and rocks of the Little Sahara SVRA would make for some great racing!
With all 85 classes combined, the start would be an important one and Chidester Transports Tyler Lynn fresh out of surgery would take the holeshot. He would also catch the Hare – Bailee Barnes – for the Rocky Mountain ATV/MC $50 gift Certificate award. Lynn would dominate the class finishing unchallenged to take the Youth Overall and his second Big Wheel Victory of the season.

Chidester Transports Tyler Lynn leads 50+ screaming Youth machines into the desert.
Behind Lynn is where all the action was really taking place! T.O. Powersports backed Mason Matthies would fall in behind Lynn in second and do his best to cchase him down, but after losing him in the trees he would have a battle on his hands with Riverton, UT’s Karson Thomas and Fasst Co’s Cody Kurtz. Heading out onto the 2nd loop however Matthies would suffer another mechanical DNF making it two in a row and a very frustrating start to the season. “It’s just been one of those years so far. I did well at Round 1, but can’t shake the bad luck. Things are going good with the WHS series though, so we’re just going to keep powering forward.” said Mason after getting towed into the finish.
Thomas would inherit 2nd overall and just rode a solid pace extending his lead over Kurtz to 2-minutes before the checkered. Rec Tires/ 3 Bro’s KTM backed Hagen Boyce would follow just 16-seconds back in 4th taking over the points lead followed by Blanding, UT’s Corbin McPherson rounding out the top 5 overall.

3 Bros KTM’s Hagen Boyce now leads the Big Wheel class with a string of consistent rides.

The Final AMA race of the day would see the PRO and Amateur ATV racers take to the line for round 4 of the WEST ATV Championship. The series takes four rounds of the National Hare and Hound events and four Rounds of the West Hare Scramble events; making for a 3rd OVERALL title you can earn!

As the banner dropped, Rec Tires ATV rider Aaron Cheeney would have control of the race taking the $40 holeshot award posted by Chidester Transport. Shortly after the racers connected to the course we would have a new leader with USRA’s reigning champion Chirs Brigman taking charge coming off the first of 2-loops with the lead. On the 2nd loop however he would suffer a broken ankle after hitting a g-out at high speed. The 2014 Series champion Colt Brinkerhoff would push his Amsoil backed Honda 450 to the front and never look back. This accomplishment made for his second Hare and Hound victory of the season, and 3rd of the West ATV championship. Filmore, UT’s Jace Penney would follow in 2nd just over a minute behind with Cheeney another minute back from him.

Amsoil/KLiM backed Colt Brinkerhoff taking another win in Utah this weekend.

Throughout the night it would rain on and off and the race would start with plenty of moisture in the ground to make for some of the best racing conditions we’ve seen in Utah for a while!

Sunday would mark one of the longest overall battles we have seen in a while with JCR Honda’s Ricky Brabec taking the lead after Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory racer Jacob Argubright would take a tumble just before the first road crossing after the traditional Bomb run through the sand dunes. Purvines Racing’s Nick Burson would pull in just behind the two, but a blown stator would take him out of the race before the first of three 35-mile loops. Precision Concepts-backed Justin Morgan would also get an amazing start and along with Chidester Transports Joe Wasson in the FMF Pro 250 class, would stick close to the front for the battle.

While Brabec was 2nd to the Bomb he would make his way to the lead by the first road crossing!
Brabec seemed to have it all but sewn up maintaining a 47-second lead over Argubright for nearly 70 miles, but suddenly became lost just off the trail after the start of the 3rd loop. “It’s always hard being the first one on course and I guessed wrong at a spot where the markings got thin,” admitted Brabec. “By the time I finally got on the trail I had lost all my time on Jake [Argubright].” The two would battle for the remainder of the 30-mile third loop and Argubright would take control just before the finish taking his first win of the 2016 season! “I thought everything was done, but once I saw Brabec I knew I had another chance and I just took it!”

Factory Husqvarna’s Jake Argubright would bounce back from bad luck at Round 2 to take the win!
While Burson would be sidelined, Purvines Racing teammate Axel Pearson would come back from a near dead last start to take the third step on the podium. This would mark his first time on the podium this season and he is still itching for that top spot! Justin Morgan would follow in 4th, leading the train of Wasson in 5th and Rick’s Custom Shutters backed Ryan Smith in 6th- all within a 10 second window!

As always we had an amazing battle in the amongst the talented Women racers! With a $1500 purse put up by Offroad Support they had a lot on the line! Fasst Co’s Rebecca Stout would take the early lead running inside the top 50 after the first loop, but multi-time ISDE Gold Medalist Nicole Bradford was hot on her heals going onto the 2nd of three loops.
The two would battle for the next 35 miles, banging bars and rubbing elbows hard but a blown rear wheel bearing would handicap Stout and she would be no match for Bradford the rest of the loop. Bradford would go on to take the prize for the third time in a row followed by Kate Schade of Victor, ID who would make it around Stout in the final miles of the race. Stephanie Woolslayer, Sharon Mowell and Krista Conway would fill out the top 6 women from the weekend.

Multi Time ISDE Gold Medalist Nicole Bradford has gone 3 for 3 so far this season. 

2016 Rnd 3 KENDA/SRT National Hare & Hound Championship from JMR Productions

Complete  Results – Big Bike / Youth Bike
OVERALL 1 LOOP: 1. Cordis Brooks (KTM); 2. Clair Jorgensen (); 3. Larry Engwall (KTM); 4. Kerry Chartier (YAM); 5. Rachel Stout (KTM); 6. Ted Unsworth (YAM); 7. Larry Barlage (KTM); 8. Ken Pollock (KTM); 9. Charlotte Dansie (YAM); 10. Jim Marshall (KAW); 11. Danny Rutz (KTM); 12. Madison Dansie (YAM); 13. Tom Mclaughlin (KAW); 14. Ashley Childers (KTM); 15. Riley Carney (); 16. Lisa Brown (HON);

OVERALL 2 LOOPS: 1. Tyson Shurtz (KAW); 2. Tanner Adams (YAM); 3. Khaegan Robertson (); 4. Jj Peterson (KAW); 5. Jaden Mcquiston (KTM); 6. Spencer Young (HON); 7. Darcie Spencer (YAM); 8. Tyler White (); 9. Trent Pittard (YAM); 10. Scott Brillhart (KAW); 11. Rohn Griffiths (YAM); 12. Forrest Hannan (KTM); 13. Michael Wilson (KTM); 14. Shania Stevens (KTM); 15. Steven Hannan (HON); 16. Dan Gunn (KTM); 17. Dean Hawley (YAM); 18. Holden Jacklin (KAW); 19. Shafer Martinez (); 20. Bryan Griffith (YAM);

OVERALL 3 LOOPS: 1. Jacob Argubright (HSQ); 2. Ricky Brabec (HON); 3. Axel Pearson (BET); 4. Justin Morgan (YAM); 5. Joseph Wasson (YAM); 6. Ryan Smith (YAM); 7. Nick Tolman (KTM); 8. Cooper Ashton (YAM); 9. Max Eddy Jr. (KAW); 10. Taran Taylor (KAW); 11. Braydon Bland (KTM); 12. Tyler Lynn (YAM); 13. Austin Stout (KTM); 14. Grant Statley (YAM); 15. Dan Capparelli (KTM); 16. Tate Hurley (KTM); 17. Burke Barnes (); 18. Taylor Stevens (HSQ); 19. Blake Leuty (YAM); 20. Andrew Puckett (YAM);

OVERALL ATV: 1. Colt Brinkerhoff (HON); 2. Jace Penney (HON); 3. Aaron Cheeney (HON); 4. Chris Dobbins (YAM); 5. Rachel Bosemer (HON); 6. Preston White (YAM); 7. Rohn Griffiths (YAM); 8. Richard Hopkins (YAM); 9. Jay Young (YAM); 10. Chris Brown (YAM); 11. Rick Bosemer (YAM); 12. Jerry Nelson (YAM);

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