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Kenda/SRT National Hare & Hound Championship


Axel Pearson Takes Home First Hare & Hound Win!

Round 6 podium: (L-R) 3rd place Nick Burson, 1st Axel Pearson, 2nd place Kendall Norman

2018 Round 6- August 25, 2018
Big Bike //Youth 
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Photo: Mark Kariya//Story: Kaeley Porter

August 26th, 2018 – The 2018 AMA KENDA SRT National Hare and Hound Series presented by FMF returned to Panaca, NV. for Round 6 of the race series. The dry weather throughout the race weekend made for dusty conditions on the course but nonetheless, the variety of desert terrain posed an awesome challenge for racers coming off of their summer break.


BIG WHEEL – Youth racing kicked off earlier than usual Saturday morning as it was a one day race. The banner dropped and it was a battle for the holeshot with racers like Bradley East, Lane Forbes, Clayton Roberts and more all lining up on the bomb run with the same goal in mind. Coming off of the first lap, Otto Pearson was in the lead and remained in the leading position up until the third lap, when Bradley East took over the lead. East held the lead all the way to the checkered flag. The Big Wheel podium saw Bradley East in 1st OA next to Clayton Roberts in 2nd and Lane Forbes in 3rd.

MINI – The 85cc class took off the line along with the Big Wheel class and the 85c Jr. class. Karson Boyce came off of the first lap in the lead but it was not long before Jase Bovi took over the lead and held the position to the checkered flag. The Mini podium saw Jase Bovi in 1st next to Karson Boyce in 2nd and Easton Jorgenson in 3rd.

GIRLS – The Girls class saw an awesome race from Ty Woolslayer, leading her class the entire race and taking home a 1st place position on the podium. Kassidy Laswell ended her race earlier than expected after pulling out of the race because of an injury. Megan Ashley quickly took over 2nd place position on lap 3. The Girls podium saw an overall win from Ty Woolslayer next to Megan Ashley in 2nd and Ari Myrdal in 3rd.

PEEWEE – As the last youth race of the day, the PeeWee race saw an overall win from Grady Ballow. After racing in a 2nd place position, Ballow took over the lead on his third lap and landing himself a 1st place position on the podium. The PeeWee podium saw an overall win from Grady Ballow next to Waylon Honnold in 2nd and Maddix Park in 3rd.


WOMEN – After having a rough start, leader of the Women’s class Brandy Richards  was able to make enough passes in her first loop to enjoy her second loop dust free. Richards remained in the lead for the entirety of the race with Britney Gallegos battling for 2nd place position with Rachel Stout. Gallegos found herself strongest in the tight and technical areas that made her feel right at home, while Stout enjoyed racing in the sand washes and fast pace areas more. The Women’s podium saw a win from Brandy Richards next to Britney Gallegos in 2nd and Rachel Stout in 3rd.

PRO 250 – Factory Beta’s Chance Fullerton’s true talent peaked through when he was able to overcome getting lost on course, giving up valuable race time to still top the Pro 250 podium and wrap up the 2018 Pro 250 Championship title. Off of the first loop, Kolton Lynn held a 2nd place position for the Pro 250 class but  it was not long before first time Hare & Hu Matthew Canepa took over 2nd in class. Matt Canepa placed 2nd for the Pro 250 class next to 3rd place Tayson Weeks.

PRO – The banner dropped and the racers were off the line, with Kendall Norman and Purvines Racing backed Axel Pearson right on each other’s tail, battling for the lead. Taking home his first ever Hare & Hound win,  Pearson lead the race from the banner drop to the checkered flag after getting out in front of Norman. Off of the first loop, Pearson remained in the lead with Norman only seconds behind and Purvines Racing backed Nick Burson in 3rd OA. Battling for the 4th OA position, Clayton Gerstner, Tyler Lynn, & Tuffy Pearson raced back to back with eachother. Tuffy Pearson pulled the 4th OA position with Team SRT-Husqvarna backed Ryan Smith in 5th and Factory Beta’s Joe Wasson in 6th. The Pro Podium saw Axel Pearson in 1st next to Kendall Norman in 2nd and Nick Burson in 3rd.



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