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3/22/15: KTM/FMF factory racer Ivan Ramirez was back on top of the podium this weekend with a wire to wire victory and closes the points gap on THR Motorsport’s Ricky Brabec. He would get the start and lead the race all the way to the finish using the dusty single track to his advantage while fending off Brabec for almost the entire 100 mile race in Murphy, Id.

Once a year the Kenda/SRT National Hare and Hound Championship travels almost as far north as possible to the great state of Idaho to race the Rabbit Creek 100 hosted by Dirt Inc and this season was more of the great hospitality, great racing and great fun the state and club has to offer! Once the banner dropped however it was all business for nearly 250 riders lined up on the big bike line. At the end of the very long, completely virgin, bomb run Ramirez had a 5-10 second lead over the field going into the first wash. BRP/AHM Open A racer Joey Black had his best start to date in 2nd followed by local hero turned Souhern California Native David Kamo following in 3rd. Brabec would still drop in within the top 10 or so which makes for one of his better starts this season.

By Check 1 Brabec had already found his way to Ramirez’s rear wheel and the battle started! “Last time I made a mistake that cost me the win 10 minutes from the finish so this time I had to just focus and ride clean all the way though” Ramirez said on the podium recounting his bobble at Round 2 that allowed Brabec to take the win. Brabec would never be able to get a wheel on Ramirez while staying within 10 seconds of him for the entire event and in fact would make a mistake just a few hundred yards from the finish. “I don’t know what I hit, I don’t know where I was, I really have no idea what happened and then I was cart wheeling in front of everyone” Brabec exclaimed. “Then I got up and crested the hill and there was the checkered…”

Following 6 minutes behind Kamo had been able to get by Black and stave off the advances of Purvines Racing’s Axel Pearson all the way to the finish to take 3rd overall and get himself up on the podium for the first time in a while. “I’m not sure what I’m doing up here.” Kamo joked “I think I remember how to do this, haha” Rounding out the top 5 would be Blais Racing’s Skyler Howes logging his best finish of the season and regaining the momentum he had in 2014 in hope of translating it into another podium finish before the season is over.

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