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RND 2 – EVENT RESULTS – BIG BIKESYOUTH BIKES / Photos by GrumpyBig BikesYouth Bikes

Rnd 2 Coverage – – – – –

2/22/15: THR Kawasaki’s Ricky Brabec took his first win of the season and took over the points lead here at Round 2 of the Kenda/SRT National Hare and Hound Championship. It was anything but smooth sailing though as he would battle back from an 8+ kick start, tallied at 30th or high at the end of the bomb run. He would battle his way though the field catching up to KTM/FMF’s Ivan Ramirez just before the pits. Ramirez had the early lead and was battling with Purvines Racing’s Nick Burson for most of the 1st loop. Around the 30 mile mark Ramirez had a comfortable lead on Burson but Brabec was on the hunt.

Once Brabec got by Burson it was only a matter of time before he would get the change to make his move. It would come a little easier then he expected though. “I was right on Ivan and he just skipped out in the rocks and I almost hit him! Once I got by I just did my thing all the way to the finish.” He would pull away to just over a minute before taking the checkered flag. Ramirez would take 2nd overall and Purvines Racing’s Axel Pearson battling back from a loop out on the start all the way to 3rd overall. “This is my first race on the new Beta 480″ admitted Pearson “and it started way earlier and harder then I expected and then I don’t know… I just lost it. In front of everyone!”

Another 30 seconds back was 3 Bros KTM’s brandon Prieto matching his career best finish at 4th overall followed by Burson who would cruise in after a big crash he would need some chin stiches from. Another rider to go out on the injury list was KTM/FMF’s Gary Sutherlin. He was up in the front early on but a launch off a tall ledge and a sharp pain in his wrist sent him to the Emergency Room with a possible broken wrist. He never hit the ground, just tweaked it just right.

The FMF Pro 250 class was just as exciting as usual but Zip-Ty Racing’s Dalton Shirey would take the win once again. All of the top FMF Pro 250’s were in a string just after the bomb but Shirey would make his way through the field and take another win and 8th overall. SRT Off-road’s Steven Kirk III took another 2nd in class and is going to have to step up his game to keep up with Shirey. “I’m just going to have to train and ride a-whole-lot more. Dalton is fast and I was right with him. I’m on my way there.” Steven’s Erecotors Inc. backed Taylor Stevens hailing from Lander, Wy wrapped up the top 3.

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