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Kenda/SRT National Hare & Hound Championship

2018 Schedule

2018 ADULT Supplements – 2018 YOUTH Supplements

Rnd 1 – Jan 27/28 – Red Mountain, CA
Rnd 2 – Feb 24 (Sat Only)- Ocotillo, CA
Rnd 3 – Mar 10/11 – Kalgary, Texas
Rnd 4 – Apr 21 (Sat Only) – Jericho, UT
Rnd 5 – May 5 (Sat Only- Jericho, UT
Rnd 6 – Aug 25 – Panaca, NV- FLIER
Rnd 7-  Oct 27/28 – Ridgecrest, CA- FLIER


Round 5 podium: (L-R) 2nd place Nick Burson, 1st place Taylor Robert, 3rd place Kendall Norman

2018 Round 5 – May 5, 2018
Big Bike //Youth 
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Photo: Mark Kariya//Story: Meg Argubright

May 7th, 2018– Sugarloafers MC brought the AMA KENDA SRT National Hare and Hound series Presented by FMF, back to the great state of Utah for round five at different location that would give racers a different taste of Utah off-road racing.
PEE WEE – A unique 2-mile course awaited the youngest racers of the weekend, in which they would race on for 30-minutes following the banner drop. Off the start, Degan Frye quickly raced his way to the holeshot, leading both Grady Ballow and Waylon Honnold into the first turn. But Honnold quickly gained the lead with Ballow and Cobra rider Sawyer Palmer behind. Honnold maintained his lead from start to finish, finishing 42-seconds over second place! Ballow stayed focused though; holding onto his second place position. And to round off the podium after making his way back from 5th place, Maddix Park charged to 3rd place overall.

MINI– All remaining youth classes were to compete together in Race 2, along a 20-mile course for just over an hour. In the Mini class, Rylan Hendricksen led the top 5 racers Karson Boyce, Cole Caldwell, Jake Oberhansley and Chase Bryan; building a gap of nearly a minute and a half coming into the pits. Both Hendricksen and Boyce remained as the front runners to the finish, but Oberhansley wasted no time on loop two to make the pass on Caldwell for the final podium position.

MICRO MINI– A stacked group of 65cc racers lines up to compete in the Micro Mini class, but it was ultimately Jett Lessing who would return to the top step of the podium. Hailing from southern California, Brennen Watson chased Lessing aboard his KTM, having built a gap of 1:24 over third place rider Ryker Sperry.

JUNIOR MINI- Leading from start to finish, Jack Williford raced his Yamaha as fast as he could to claim his second victory of the season. Meanwhile, Racer Honnold followed in his brothers footsteps, by putting in a consistent ride to earn 2nd place over Arizona’s Ruffin Dodson.

GIRLS– A great turnout of ladies in the Girls 12-15 year old class posed a challenge for class leader Ty Woolslayer, who won the previous round just two weeks earlier. Husqvarna-mounted Kortney Kearsley would give Woolslayer a run for her money, jumping in to the lead early on. Coming into the pits by over two minutes ahead of Woolslayer and Sage Riders MC’s Jaquel Bennett, Kearsley continued her dominance, building an even bigger lead by the time the three settled at the finish line.

BIG WHEEL– Overall, Big Wheel rider Bradley East immediately put the hammer down, charging into the lead coming through on lap one ahead of Aaron Rhodes and Sade Hill. After coming into the pits, Bronson Frye set his sights Caldwell and made his move for third place, leaving a trail of dust behind. Coming through the finish first, East claimed his victory with Rhodes and Frye within 5-minutes behind.
WOMEN – Earning her third consecutive victory of the season, Arizona native Brandy Richards AGAIN led the entire Women’s field from start to finish in Utah. Richards came into the pits 3:30 over rising talent, Utah rider Rachel Stout and New Mexico’s very own Britney Gallegos who leads the class points now by 1. Racing in her first National of the season, California KTM rider Kari Erickson raced her way to fourth in class, after commendably stopping for a downed rider.

PRO 250– Racing aboard his #92 KTM, Joshua Knight put forth an impressive performance on his home turf, leading the class from start to finish. Sugarloafers MC rider Daemon Woolslayer also capitalized on his skill and knowledge of the terrain as he chased Knight in second place ahead of class points leader Chance Fullerton.

PRO- Although it rained throughout the week leading up to the event, it wasn’t enough to keep the dust down, and the start would play a huge role for the riders looking to lead the pack. At the drop of the banner, Ryan Smith quickly lit his SRT-backed Husqvarna, getting the jump ahead of Kendall Norman, Nick Burson, Nick Tolman, Jacob Argubright and and the freight train of experts that would follow. As the riders came through the last turn of the chicane, Burson charged to pass through the Performance Diesel holeshot flags first. But it wasn’t long before Kendall Norman charged through the dust to take the overall lead. Coming from a poor start, round four winner Taylor Robert was a man on a mission looking to regain his usual lead spot.

At the end of the first 42-miles, Norman built himself a lead by 1:15 ahead of Robert, Burson, Smith, Pro 250’s Joshua Knight, Jacob Argubright, Daemon Woolslayer and more as the top 10 started to roll through. Over the next 43-miles, Robert not only made the pass for the lead after a mistake from Norman, but then went on to gap the competition by nearly 3:30. An ecstatic Robert came through the checkered flag with yet another win, with Burson and Norman rounding out the podium.

We would like to thank ALL of our riders for their patience during the unforeseen delay prior to the start of the big bike race. Safety is of the utmost importance, and taken very seriously within our organization. Huge thank you to all who volunteered, your selflessness did not go unnoticed!



Stay tuned for series 2018 update